Thoughts on Play


This is a blog where I will spend the majority of my time talking philosophy. It is likely I will enlist the help of various “cool ideas” I come across in my travels. For example, did you know that Dostoevsky and Nietzsche both have creepily similar horse anecdotes associated with them? They lived around the same time and probably would not have known too much about the other’s life. Divided by hundreds of miles, united by horses.

But this blog isn’t about horses (did you know that horses are enormous?). Philosophy is much more important than horses. Though, when you think about philosophy, you may think of Greeks and Romans. The Roman Emperor Caligula loved this one horse,  Incitatus, something fierce. It was probably more for shits and giggles, but apparently he was also destined to be a Roman consul before Caligula’s untimely death. Horses, of course, are not a part of history, and therefore we should try not to write about them as if they were important. They don’t even think. Or… do they?

The point is, of course, that philosophy is complicated and requires a lot of study, reading, re-reading,  and re-re-reading. So here’s to thinking about cool stuff.

And horses.


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